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The most advanced crash helmet on the US market?

The most advanced crash helmet on the US market?

It’s fair to say that innovation has significantly led to advancing rider protection. Among the latest breakthroughs in helmet technology, the VISIN heated helmet visor insert has emerged as a game-changer.

What’s so special about VISIN?

Well, for a start, It’s unique. This is a clear thin film that can be applied to your EXISTING helmet – but it is so much more than just a clear thin film… Let’s take a look at the features and benefits that make VISIN the most advanced crash helmet accessory on the US market.

VISIN Heated Helmet Visor Insert

The VISIN heated helmet visor insert is a testament to cutting-edge engineering. Designed to combat a common safety hazard for riders, this innovative accessory prevents visor fogging in challenging weather conditions. Whether you’re navigating through a cold morning ride or a misty evening, VISIN ensures crystal-clear visibility, allowing you to focus solely on the road ahead.

How Does VISIN Work?

Powered by advanced heating technology, VISIN integrates seamlessly with your helmet’s visor. With a quick and simple installation process, this heated insert creates a controlled environment within your visor, effectively eliminating condensation and fog. The result? Uninterrupted visibility, even in the most challenging weather conditions.

Key Features of the VISIN Heated Helmet Visor Insert

Efficient Heating: The state-of-the-art heating embedded in the VISIN visor insert operates at peak efficiency, minimizing power consumption while providing optimal fog prevention. This ensures a longer battery life and reliable performance. We are talking 8 hours continuous use of a single charge.

Rapid Activation: VISIN heats up quickly, providing instant relief from fogging as soon as you hit the road. Say goodbye to the frustrating delays caused by foggy visors during cold or humid rides. There is also a boost mode for those really testing days too.

Compatibility with Various Helmet Models: VISIN is designed to be compatible with a wide range of helmet brands and models. Its versatility ensures that riders can experience the benefits of this advanced technology regardless of their helmet preference.

VISIN: A Game-Changer in Rider Safety

The VISIN heated helmet visor insert is more than just an accessory; it’s a revolutionary advancement in rider safety. By addressing a critical visibility concern, VISIN empowers riders to navigate any weather condition with confidence and clarity.

As riders ourselves, we understand the importance of clear visibility on the road, and VISIN delivers just that. We come from a scientific background specializing in optical coatings. We developed VISIN as we knew it would make a huge difference to riders everywhere. We are enjoying the safety benefits ourselves, maybe you should too?

If you want to enhance your safety on every ride, you should consider a VISIN heated helmet visor insert, which is compatible with your current helmet… Sounds good right? Get yours here.