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Snowmobile helmet with heated visor

Snowmobile helmet with heated visor

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of taking a snowmobile to the very edge, to the limit that you are comfortable with – personally love scooting through a forest to really sharpen the skills!

Having said that, as with all thrill sports and activities, there is a level of danger involved. There has to be to get the adrenalin flowing, but there are always safety measures that need to be in place…

Snowmobile helmets are mandatory for a very good reason. With snowmobile technology and engineering advancing in recent years, the acceleration and power behind these machines demands adequate protection should any mishaps or accidents occur. Helmets have the potential to save lives and minimise damage from collisions.

Technology and engineering have advanced for helmets too, with some helmets now offering a built in heated visor. This has become almost a necessity for snowmobile users – the ability to demist a helmet visor has obvious advantages.

One major disadvantage is that these heated helmets are expensive. The visors themselves can be prone to faults, which pretty much renders the helmet useless at the same time. Luckily, there is now another option, and it’s one option that will work for every rider out there…

VISIN is a universal fit visor insert that provides heat to any visor within any helmet on the market. That’s right, your current helmet has the potential to have a heated visor!

VISIN was developed by Diamond Coatings Inc who produce specialist glass and plastic coatings. One of these coatings is transparent and also electrically conductive – meaning glass or plastic can remain clear yet carry a charge.

Using this coating on a thin film and connecting to a rechargeable battery unit means a small uniform charge provides a low output of heat. This film forms part of the visor insert and generates enough heat to de fog a visor for up to 8 hours continuous use.

VISIN operates between -20°C to 60°C making it ideal for most environments and there is also a boost mode when facing harsher weather. This means the rider gets an unrivalled clear visual experience like never before!

We think this is an absolute game changer for motorcyclists and snowmobile riders the world over – When the helmet was first introduced, it was clear it would save lives and reduce serious injuries. We feel VISIN may have a similar impact to a user’s safety and wellbeing.

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