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Ski Doo Heated Helmet Solutions

Ski Doo Heated Helmet Solutions

We like nothing more than taking the ski doo out for a good run, on a fine day there can be no better place to be…

One thing that always used to be a negative was the helmet visor fogging up. The solution? Raise the visor to ventilate – which made things very cold indeed, not to mention the tears.

Did you see how that was past tense? That’s right, because there is a new product on the market that guarantees clear vision regardless of the environment, no matter how challenging that might be. Let’s talk Ski Doo heated helmet solutions, namely VISIN.

Ski Doo Heated Helmet Solutions

VISIN is a visor insert that will fit all existing Ski Doo helmet visors and will give you up to 8 hours of continuous clear vision on a single charge.

Although there are some helmets already available with a heated visor, VISIN is the only visor insert that you can fit to your existing helmet, saving you heaps of $$$.

That’s right, your current helmet has the potential to have a heated visor!

VISIN was developed by Diamond Coatings Inc who produce specialist glass and plastic coatings. One of these coatings is transparent and also electrically conductive – meaning glass or plastic can remain clear yet carry a charge.

The coating in question is called Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) and is used in the production of smart glass, touchscreens and heated windows.

Using this coating on a thin film and connecting to a rechargeable battery unit means a small uniform charge provides a low output of heat. This film forms part of the visor insert and generates enough heat to de fog a visor.

VISIN operates between -20°C to 60°C making it ideal for most environments and there is also a boost mode when facing harsher weather. This means the ski doo rider gets an unrivalled clear visual experience like never before! Amazing, right? No more cold noses! No more tears!

Fun Fact! Ski-Doo, the snowmobile brand was never meant to be called “Ski-Doo.” Its inventor, Joseph-Armand Bombardier, had named his creation “Ski-Dog,” because it was meant to replace a dogsled. As a 1992 article in Popular Mechanics explains: “Fortunately for Bombardier, an early brochure was misspelled and a winter legend was born.”

(We much prefer “Ski-Doo”!)

You might also be interested to know you can purchase your Ski Doo heated helmet visor insert right here.