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Can you have a heated motorcycle helmet?

Can you have a heated motorcycle helmet?

The short answer is yes, you can have a heated motorcycle helmet. What may interest you is the longer answer, where we show how any helmet right now can have a heated visor.

There are a range of heated motorcycle helmets on the market already but if we are going to be honest, we are not huge fans personally. The heat within can lead to a bit of brain fog for us, it doesn’t make us too comfortable – and another downside is they can be very expensive.

One thing we do like is a heated visor as this offers better visual performance against unforgiving environments where mist can deteriorate vision in seconds – clearly this represents a dangerous situation. A heated visor can remove this risk, and we are all for that…

We mentioned at the top there was an option to add a heated visor to any helmet, Let’s talk about VISIN – the World’s first heated motorcycle helmet visor insert. Yes, an insert that can be applied to your own visor on your existing helmet, and done so easily and quickly by you.

VISIN – How does it work?

The team behind VISIN are avid bikers with years of experience in specialist optical coatings. One of these coatings can be applied to glass and plastics, remaining totally transparent and providing an electrical charge at the same time. That’s pretty impressive right? For anyone wanting to know, this is a coating called Indium Tin Oxide (or ITO for short) and can be found in touchscreen devices, heated windows and many more applications.

The VISIN visor insert uses this coating and the electric charge provides a small current which is capable of removing mist from the inside of your visor.

Connected up to a rechargeable battery pack, the visor insert offers 8 hours continued use and even has a boost mode to clear the visor of any fog immediately. The clear insert comes with self adhesive tabs for easy application to any existing visor and can be done by anyone and within minutes.

The team at VISIN care passionately about their products and have personally roadtested VISIN on a tour of Africa. Other separate tests have been undertaken, always with the same results – a clear visor no matter what the conditions.

Sound good? Of course it does! Fits any visor, 8 hours clear vision and applied in minutes… You can purchase your heated helmet visor insert right here.