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Are heated helmets worth it?

Are heated helmets worth it?

This is a great question. There are 2 forms of heated helmets out there – 1 will literally heat up the inner part of the helmet which is meant to provide warmth and comfort. The second refers more to the visor itself: when a visor is heated, it will provide a demisted view.

Let’s look at that first option. A heated helmet… For us, our helmets are snug enough without the need to warrant the additional cost of a specialised helmet that warms us up more. Simply put, unless you are riding in some serious cold environments, probably not worth the outlay.

The second option is a more interesting concept. Anything that enhances the safety of a rider is always going to be a good thing. What price do you put on riding fog free and having clear vision?

So a specific helmet with a heated visor could be a good option – but we think there’s a better option, and it involves your existing helmet.

We are talking VISIN, the world’s first heated visor insert – literally a thin clear film insert that fits all visors and supplies enough heat to de mist a visor, in any weather condition, regardless of the environment.

The visor insert has a thin coating deposited onto it called ITO (Indium Tin Oxide). ITO is used in many different applications due to its transparency and the added benefit that it is electrically conductive.

What this means for the visor insert is a small charge is carried across the surface, providing the heat required.

Clever, right?

VISIN comes in 2 different types, making it pretty much a universal, will fit all, helmets. The film insert can be quickly and easily applied to your existing visor. As it is powered by a battery, VISIN remains effective for much longer than competitors even in the most extreme, challenging environmental conditions.

Effectively operating at temperatures between -20°C and 60°C, VISIN technology has rider safety at its very core. Using VISIN technology improves riders’ visibility and keeps them safer in adverse weather conditions.

The battery pack is rechargeable via micro USB so you can be back on the road safely in little time. The run time is 8 continuous hours, and the device even comes with a 20 second boost mode for those more challenging times.

VISIN has been thoroughly road tested and is receiving really positive reviews throughout the motorcycling world. VISIN can also be used to great effect in snowmobile helmets.

You might also be interested to know you can purchase for less than $200 your heated helmet visor insert right here.