Due to the successful launch of the VISIN Heated Visor we have now sold out and are currently manufacturing more stock. Pre-order now for February delivery.

An Important Visor Attachment

An Important Visor Attachment

Although some states do not require the use of a helmet when riders are above a certain age, we feel helmets should be worn by all – it’s a form of self-respect if nothing else. Riding can be dangerous enough and, in our opinion, riders should try and use as much protection as they can.

When we kick off, we are never without protective gloves and boots and our trusted helmet. By ‘we’ we mean a collective of riders that have a background in specialist coatings. We love riding and we love our work – what is great is we recently combined our two passions to create something rather special – a very important visor attachment…

VISIN – Heated Visor Attachment

Brace yourselves, we are proud of this! VISIN is a transparent film that fits to any helmet visor easily – you can fit these quickly yourselves – The film is connected to a battery pack that provides heat to the visor rapidly, removing any fogging up from within the helmet.

That’s right, fog free helmets, regardless of the conditions.

A universal fit, the visor attachment can be used on any visor and will be ready to use in a matter of minutes. The battery pack offers 8 hours continuous run time and also comes with a boost mode when the conditions demand it. The boost mode will clear fog in 20 seconds or less.

VISIN has a very thin layer of ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) deposited onto the surface of the insert. ITO is both transparent and electrically conductive. The visor insert has a very small charge running across it, which generates a small amount of heat, enough to clear the visor at least. ITO is used in the production of solar cells, heated windows and touchscreen devices.

From past projects in different applications, we knew we had the capability and technical expertise to create something that all riders would benefit from. We are also very aware that this product may actually save lives by providing clearer vision.

The heated visor attachment has been thoroughly road tested and also received fantastic reviews.

The simplicity of fit, the ease of use and the actual effectiveness of the product have been real talking points.

To put it bluntly, what could be more important than uninterrupted clear vision? If you suffer with helmet fog or are fed up with riding with the visor slightly open (it gets cold, right?) then you may want to consider this visor attachment.

Heard enough? Is it time to up your safety game whilst riding? We thought so too… You can purchase your heated helmet visor insert right here, what’s stopping you!